All about astrology

Even if everyone knows their zodiac sign , you should know that astrology is not just about reading your horoscope. In fact, astrology is a science that brings together several areas of life. So, if you want to know a little more about astrology , you have come across the right article.


The usefulness of astrology

Even though many believe that astrology is intimately used for knowing the future, this is not really the case. In fact, astrology is especially useful for better understanding oneself, for improving the “self” and for improving the relationship one has with others. In short, astrology should be viewed as a tool for personal development .

More explicitly, astrology offers us a reading grid on which we can see our personality . It therefore makes it possible to carry out personal work on oneself, but also on others. Astrology helps us to see more clearly and to evolve during our life. However, when we talk about astrology, it comes down to several points. Among the most important we can talk about: the solar sign , the ascendant and the lunar sign.

The sun sign

The sun sign is the most popular. It is the sign that people refer to when they ask you what your astrological sign is. The sun sign, as the name suggests, is calculated relative to the location of the sun on the day a person is born. There are certain traits of your personality that match your sun sign.

When we talk about the sun sign, we often refer to the way our ego acts and relates to the world. This can be explained by the fact that the sun is a sign of radiance and power. In short, the sun sign will mainly revolve around your self-esteem as well as around the way in which you approach and perceive success.

The rising sign

Although the sun sign is the most famous sign, the rising sign is the most important. Indeed, it is this sign that represents the way you present yourself to others. The rising sign corresponds to the sign that rose in the East at the time and date of your birth.

If we go a little further, we can say that the ascendant is the sign that dictates our way of life, the characteristics of our body as well as our personality. It is therefore normal that a person who meets you for the first time sees you as your ascendant rather than your sun sign . Basically, the rising sign will be what will jump out on a first date.

The lunar sign

The moon sign , on the other hand, represents the dark side of your personality and the way you feel about things. As the name suggests, the moon sign refers to the position of the moon on the day we are born. He is the hidden side of our personality. It more specifically corresponds to our deepest thoughts, hearts, feelings and emotions.

In addition, the moon sign involves the subconscious mind, the imagination, psychic abilities, the relationship with our mother and how we understand the connection between family and home. So, to live better, it is important not to neglect this part of you. On the contrary, we must get to know it better in order to tame it better.