How to channel your anger?

Anger is an inexplicable feeling and yet it has harmful effects on you and on the people around you. Indeed, when we explode under the influence of anger, we can hurt mentally, physically the people around us. So, how do you channel your anger and learn to calm down? Here are some tips to help you.


Express yourself, put a word on your anger

Although it can be difficult, verbalizing your anger is an important step in being able to channel it little by little. The more you try to suppress your anger, the more bad you will feel and the more likely you are to explode at any time (which is not good at all). It is therefore more than essential to learn to express yourself and put a word on your anger.

When you are faced with a situation that makes you angry, try to express it to the person who caused it. You can very well use words other than “upset” and be angry. You don’t have to be mean to be able to verbalize your anger. Saying “I’m surprised”, “I’m surprised” or simply “I’m challenged by what is happening”. This will already allow you to vent some of that anger.

Come back to yourself by touching yourself

When we get angry, we are no longer in control of ourselves. We are beside ourselves and all our frustration is directed towards the other. Therefore, to avoid saying hurtful words or doing anything bad, try to control yourself by touching your arm.

Touching ourselves when we feel angry make us come to ourselves. Thus, when we come back to ourselves, we become more easily and quickly aware of the situation and we put things into perspective. So try to have this habit when you feel the anger rising. Of course, it won’t be easy on the first try, but it will surely be worth it.

Insulate yourself when you need to

If you really feel that you are unable to cope with the situation or risk exploding, you can go and isolate yourself. But first of all, drink water or run cool water on your face. This will bring your body temperature down to have clearer thoughts.

Once that is done, you can move to another location and get away from the predicament you have just experienced. Change rooms or go out for some fresh air: all means are good as long as you isolate yourself. By staying alone, you quickly change your psychological state as well as your mood. You can then take a step back and better manage your anger afterwards.

Do physical activities

Another way to be able to channel your anger is to move. Doing a physical activity allows you to let off steam and express all our feelings with the body. When you exercise, you release all negative charges. Go out for a run or go for a walk – all of this will help you calm down when you can’t bear all those loads on your shoulders.
Doing a breathing exercise can also help manage your anger . To do this, inhale deeply, then exhale through your mouth. Repeat this exercise as much as you want until you feel the anger subside. Finally, to combine breathing exercise and physical activity, you can also practice meditation or yoga. These are effective activities to ease tension and release all negative feelings.