Top 3 Most Popular Dog Breeds

More and more homes today are opting for dogs when it comes to expanding their families. Known as man’s best friend , dogs represent good company for parents and children alike. So what are the three most popular dog breeds today? And how are they characterized?


Labrador retriever

Medium in size, with a sturdy appearance, short hair and a large tail, the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds for families. It is either sand-colored, chocolate-colored, or black. The Labrador Retriever is known for its ears attached back and which drop to the sides of the head.

Side character, do not trust the appearances of the Labrador retriever. Although he has a robust appearance, he is a very affectionate dog , very sociable towards others and who adores strangers. He can cohabit very easily with the children. This is the reason why it is very popular with families. He loves to play and is very patient and docile.

Golden retriever

With its long, fringed hair that can be wavy or flat, the golden retriever sends a jovial and friendly wave to the people around it. Her dress has shades ranging from creamy white to gold. He has a broad head and hanging ears at eye level. The golden retriever is very popular with its very harmonious and robust body.

The Golden Retriever is a sociable and very affectionate dog. He is very docile, but demands a lot of attention and affection. Besides, he would be capable of anything to attract the attention of his master and the public. If you have kids, the golden retriever would make them great company. They are loyal and very gentle dogs and are suitable for the elderly as well.

The german shepherd

As soon as you see him, you can tell that the German Shepherd is a sturdy and very athletic dog. With short hair, this dog has a large build and a long head. It has large ears of medium size and a tail with a fairly long coat. For color, the German Shepherd’s coat is usually black or tan in color. Some may, however, have shades of brown, reddish brown, yellow or light gray.

When it comes to his character, the German Shepherd is always cheerful and loves to play, even if he is not very social with other animals. He is very loyal to his master and even very protective, especially with children. It is a very sensitive breed of dog that is in dire need of attention. Very athletic, the German Shepherd needs to exercise daily.

So these are the three most popular dog breeds today. They are all suitable for families, the elderly and even lonely people. Of course, there are other dog breeds that are very popular with other families such as the poodle, the rottweiler or the French bulldog. Everyone has their preferences. And you, what breed of dog do you prefer?