How to decorate your interior industrial?

Industrial decoration , a style straight out of New York, is increasingly raging in our interiors today. Its success can, moreover, be explained by the fact that this style brings a certain warm American atmosphere to our interior. But how do we know we’re doing the right thing? Here is a guide to decorating your industrial interior well.


The materials to be used

The first thing to do is to know how to combine the materials well. The industrial style generally favors raw materials. Concrete, wood, iron and metal are the most used materials when it comes to industrial decoration. Then choose a main material, the one you like the most and combine it with small touches of other raw materials. Bricks and furs will also be preferred to provide a warm atmosphere.

Wall decorations

White walls and tile floors are totally to be avoided if you want to adopt industrial decor . For walls, brick ones will be the most suitable. You can use trompe-l’oeil brick effect walls or slightly aged wallpapers that refer to metal or rust. If you absolutely want to repaint your walls, prefer fairly neutral colors such as gray, taupe or beige.

The decorations on the floor

On the ground side, you must apply the same rules. In fact, when you enter your house, you have to feel the experience. In this sense, therefore, you should opt for floors with an aged appearance. Waxed concrete floors are the most popular today. So, if you go for this type of floor, choose a dark color. For an urban effect , you can also opt for a vinyl tile floor. If you don’t want to redo your floor, choose a dark colored carpet to cover it.

The preferred furniture

The furniture itself

Usually, the living room is the perfect room to let the industrial style flourish. Therefore, to make this decoration stand out properly, you need to choose the right furniture. For the sofa, a black, gray or taupe leather sofa would do the trick. Combine the sofa with tables (low and other) in raw wood and a bookcase with the same material. Furniture with wheels is also perfect for industrial decoration .

Decorative elements

For other decorations, you will have to go to flea markets and find furniture and decorative elements with an appearance aged by time. Metal lockers, wooden crates, typewriters, blackboards, bare light bulbs and chrome metal pendant lights, for example, can bring out the industrial side of your interior perfectly.