Depression: how does it manifest and how to get out of it?

Over eight million people have faced or are living with depression around the world. Depression is one of the most common mood disorders alongside anxiety. It is a mental illness , a psychological disorder that should not be neglected. Indeed, depression greatly affects a person’s daily life. It is therefore more than necessary to learn how to get out of it.


How do you recognize depression?

Immense sadness

The main sign of depression is sadness . When a person is depressed , they are deeply sad for unknown reasons. For her, it is painful and incomprehensible at the same time. A depressed person can feel hopeless and can cry about anything and everything.

Of course, in life we can sometimes be sad, but it is a fleeting feeling. Life is high and low and we can get over this sadness. In contrast, in a depressed person, sadness is almost permanent. She can’t get away from it and she sees everything in black, no matter the season.

Intense fatigue and a sluggish lifestyle

Another obvious sign of depression is severe fatigue. A depressed person feels tired all day long, even without having made the slightest effort. Neither sleep nor rest can remedy this intense fatigue. The depressed person feels a constant lack of energy.

Insomnia, sluggishness and low libido – these are other signs of depression. A depressed person sees their life slowing down: they have difficulty carrying out daily tasks. She may also face trouble sleeping. In the depressed person, the desire for sex can also decrease or even disappear.

How to get out of depression ?

Depression is a disease that should not be treated lightly. There are two areas of treatment for depression: drug treatment and psychological treatment. Of course, treatments will vary depending on the degree of depression. Mild depression will not be treated the same way as severe depression.

However, apart from these two aspects of treatment, the depressed person can also make efforts on his own to get out of it as quickly as possible. So what are the personal steps to take to get out of depression?

Be aware and get out of denial

When we face depression, we have to face the facts and get out of denial . The first step towards healing is recognition. We must, in particular, accept the fact that we are doing badly and that we want to get out of this state. So you have to work on the meaning of your pain: understand your own history and decide to take care of yourself.

Change behavior

Depression is a sign that something is wrong. In this sense, we must know how to let go and let go of certain habits that can be harmful to us. To do this, we come back to the first point: we must understand our own history and see how to remedy these harmful habits.

Usually, this change in behavior comes down to learning to say “no” to others, but also to yourself. This step is essential to make yourself heard, to be loved for who you are and to gain self-confidence . This step is also a way to protect yourself and transform the inner void into something positive.

Bounce back and come out more mature

Once you’ve identified the problem and decided to fix it, you can bounce back. You will be able to find a certain balance in your life, you will gradually come out of this state of depression and why not find happiness again?

You may even find pleasure in resuming habits that you may have overlooked when living with depression. This disease is not to be ashamed of. We can even say that it is a stage that makes the person who suffers from it grow. Once you get out of it, you can enjoy life and make your own existence your own.