The three most popular cat breeds

Even though alley cats are highly prized by the world, there are various other cat breeds that are highly regarded. If some are appreciated by their appearance, others, on the other hand, are admired by their temperament and character. So what are these popular cats ? Here are a top 3 of the most popular and beloved cat breeds in the world.


The Maine Coon

Very popular for its silky fur with mid-length hairs, the Maine Coon is known as the largest cat in the world . He has a massive appearance and quite a wild demeanor with straight ears. With his large chest, he can easily reach a height of one meter.

Either way, the appearance can be deceptive, as the Maine Coon is a very affectionate cat. Faithful to his master, he offers a lot of love to his master. The Maine Coon is also very social. However, it is an active cat who needs to expend his energy and who needs freedom. You will therefore not be able to adopt him in an apartment.

The British Shorthair

You can easily recognize the British Shorthair by its curves. He has the appearance of a soft teddy bear. Medium in size, the British Shorthair has round eyes set wide apart and small rather pointed ears. He has short and fairly tight hair. In short, it is a cat with a majestic look.

As for his behavior, the British Shorthair adapts to any environment. He can therefore very well live in an apartment. Anyway, he will still need the outdoors to be able to flourish better. Although he is a calm and peaceful cat, he loves to play a lot.

The Ragdoll

Both elegant and imposing, the Ragdoll is recognizable thanks to the patterns on its face. These patterns take on the appearance of a mask around his eyes. It is, most often, solid in color, but can also have two-tone varieties. With medium-length and very abundant hairs, the Ragdoll is often reminiscent of the Persian cat .

On the character side, the Ragdoll loves hugs. Moreover, it is easily abandoned when you take it in the arms. It is a gentle and quiet cat, ideal for providing companionship to children. Although he loves to play, he doesn’t like to be rushed. The Ragdoll is very protective of its master.

So here is a top 3 of the most popular purebred cats at the moment. All of them have different characters and appearances. So, if you want to adopt a pedigree cat , you have to take all of these points into account. So now that you know everything, which breed do you like the most and why?