Make-up remover: which type to choose?

When you decide to put on makeup, you must go through the makeup removal step. This step is also essential for the well-being and health of the skin. Indeed, it eliminates all pigments from make-up, blushes and mascaras. However, with the different types of makeup remover that exist on the market, we don’t always know which one to choose. So how do you know if you are choosing the right makeup remover ?


Removing makeup: an essential step

Removing makeup is essential for cleaning the skin. In fact, makeup tends to clog pores and retain impurities and pollution on our face. This can then lead to skin problems in the long run. Therefore, make-up removal must be part of the beauty routine.

What are the different types of makeup remover?

Micellar water

It is the most popular makeup remover. Micellar water is known for its speed and practicality. Indeed, micellar water can be used on the face as well as on the eyes and on the mouth. Micellar water takes its name from the micelles it contains. These act on the skin to drive away impurities.

A great advantage of micellar water is that it is suitable for all skin types. Acne-prone, sensitive and oily skin: all can have micellar water that suits them. To use it effectively, we advise you to rinse the micellar water with water and use a moisturizer.

Cleansing milk

As its name suggests, cleansing milk differs from micellar water by its creamy texture. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, the cleansing milk offers great softness. Usually, this type of makeup remover is made from glycerin, vegetable oil and shea butter.

There are also non-greasy cleansing milks that are suitable for combination skin. To use cleansing milk, you must first wash your hands well. Then you can apply the cleansing milk with your fingers while massaging your face. Circular movements will prevent redness and irritation.

Makeup remover oil

The cleansing oil , on the other hand, is ideal for dry, sensitive and combination skin. It is one of the most versatile makeup removers due to the fact that it is a fatty substance. Therefore, makeup remover oil can remove all makeup, no matter what type of product you use.

This type of makeup remover is even used by some as a facial treatment. Indeed, it preserves the radiance of the skin while re-oxygenating and detoxifying the epidermis . The cleansing milk is used directly on the dry face. Also, it is strongly recommended to wash your face after use to remove all oil residue.

Make-up removing gel

It is an ecological makeup remover solution. Indeed, since you do not need to use cottons to apply it, it is ideal for green people. Oily skin and acne-prone skin are the most preferred to use this type of makeup remover.

The makeup remover gel is also very economical since you do not need to take a large amount of it to be able to remove all makeup from your face. This makeup remover can even be used to remove impurities at the end of the day. In addition, there are certain formulas that can both hydrate and soften the skin.

In short, to be able to choose the right makeup remover , you need to take your skin type into account. The most popular makeup removers today are makeup remover gel and makeup remover oil. Indeed, they are well known for their effectiveness and their benefits on the skin since they can easily be integrated into a “Skin Care” routine.