Plants as interior decoration

Besides making our gardens more beautiful, plants are also used today as interior decoration . Indeed, more and more homes are opting for green plants to give a more natural touch and freshness to the home. But how do you put these houseplants to good use? And what are the advantages of making them interior decorations?


What are the benefits of using plants as an interior decoration?

A touch of freshness

First of all, using plants as decoration allows our interior to have a fresher decoration. Placed in the living room, the plants offer a certain splendor and a positive atmosphere to the room. In addition to scenting the living room, plants (flowers or others) make it more colorful and better decorated. To do this, a small bouquet in the center of the table might suffice. Others go even further and place plants like a terrarium in a corner of the living room. In short, it will offer an “urban jungle” touch to your interior.

For better air quality

Plants also improve the air quality in a room. Indeed, they have a great capacity of oxygen supply and they absorb, at the same time, a great quantity of carbon dioxide. Along with this, plants also retain dust that is in the air. By opting for plants as an interior decoration, you will therefore breathe good breaths of fresh air even when you are locked in your home.

For our well-being

As mentioned above, plants give off a certain positive atmosphere (psychological side). Thus, placing them in our bedrooms, living room or offices would also contribute to our well-being and our mental health. Surrounding yourself with green plants would help us cope better with stress and be more productive. It is even strongly recommended to place green plants in our office to improve concentration.

How to use plants as interior decoration?

The shelves

To slide your indoor plants into your decoration without getting in the way, we advise you to place them on shelves. You can thus alternate your books or CD collections with plants. These will blend in perfectly with the decor. If you don’t have full shelves, you can always go for the small shelves that embed into the wall. As a result, you could strategically choose the locations of your plants yourself.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are also inexpensive ideas if you want to easily incorporate your plants into your home decor . By opting for this solution, you return a certain exotic style. Obviously, the wicker baskets will only serve as a flowerpot. You should therefore place a saucer in the bottom of the basket to protect the baskets from humidity during watering.

On the windowsills

If you are not that exotic and the sight of flowers or plants in the middle of a room bothers you, you can always place the plants on your window sills. In addition, your plants will gain a little light to be able to play their role of absorber of carbon dioxide effectively. So, for this type of decoration to be effective, you should provide yourself with adequate plant supports for the windows.