Traveling with a baby: some key tips

Summer is here and holidays are looming on the horizon. We would like to take advantage of these beautiful weather to travel, discover new landscapes and new cultures. However, for parents with a baby , this is not always easy.

Indeed, traveling with a baby is not that easy. Some parents even prefer to stop traveling while their babies are older. But today we are going to give you some tips to be able to enjoy your vacation even with a baby.


Which destination to choose for a trip with baby?

When you decide to travel with a baby, you have to choose the destination carefully. You should know that babies are fragile beings. Therefore, when choosing your destination place, you should avoid going over 1500 meters above sea level if your baby is under 18 months old. Also, avoid going to places with a climate that is too humid, too hot or too cold at the risk of subjecting your baby to thermal shock.

In addition, it is also important not to travel too far. Whether you are going by car, train or plane, it is not recommended to make trips too far. Indeed, you must protect your baby from significant time differences. But still, inform yourself well about the health risks and the political situation of the places where you want to go. It is always essential to be careful when traveling with a baby .

Luggage to prepare for traveling with a baby

Who says traveling with a baby, necessarily says more luggage to prepare. So what are some things to keep in mind when planning to go on vacation with a toddler? First of all, you need to prepare the baby’s suitcase, taking into account all the belongings that he might need. Bottles, water, milk, changing mats, diapers, nappies, pacifier, wipes and toys: these are the necessary ones for the baby to be comfortable.

But apart from this baby suitcase , we also recommend that you pack emergency luggage. In the latter, you will put changing creams, a change of clothes, diapers, other socks and other bottles. This emergency baggage will serve as a backup in case the suitcases are lost or your belongings remain in transit. Prevention is better than cure.

Where to stay with a baby?

When we go on vacation , we often want to break the routine and live new experiences. However, when traveling with a baby, it is more than important to keep your routine, especially baby’s. This will prevent you from disturbing your baby’s sleep pattern. In addition, you can also try to maintain baby’s feeding and bed times to reassure him. If you can’t do it, you can just keep the same routine orders without necessarily respecting the hours.

The apartments

So, to keep certain habits and routines, you must choose accommodation that suits you for this purpose. Opting for an apartment can allow you to schedule your schedule as you see fit. You can even cook and do laundry there.

Basically, you can fully enjoy your vacation. Either way, activities may be limited. At the same time, you may not have the opportunity to spend time alone with two, with your partner or going out with friends because of baby, unless you bring a nanny with you.


In the case of a hotel, whether it is for full board or half board, you will not have to worry about your meals, but only those of baby. Another advantage of choosing hotels is that they often offer activities or services dedicated to babies and children. This option may be possible if you want to spend a few hours with your loved one.

However, choosing a hotel can take you out when you need to eat outside of hotel services. Also, if you want to go out to get some fresh air, you should organize your outings yourself. However, it can be complicated if baby decides to growl or do what he wants.