Ideas for activities to occupy your children during the holidays

That’s it, the holidays are here to the delight of children . Parents, for their part, ask themselves a thousand and one questions. If you don’t plan on going out of the area or visiting relatives, keeping the kids busy throughout the holiday period can be a big worry. Rest assured, we have the solutions for you. Here are two ideas for activities that you could do with your children and that will surely make them more than happy.


Redesigning the children’s room

An activity that can keep them busy for a long time

From a children’s point of view, vacationing necessarily means new resolutions and even new life for the next school year. So why not prepare them right away for this new life? You can do this by rearranging their bedroom based on what they would like to do new and what they will be doing for the next school year.

If, for example, your child wants to take applied drawing lessons, you can replace the play space with a drawing space. In short, you can rearrange the child’s room according to his needs and tastes. We guarantee you that he will find great pleasure there. In addition, this rearrangement can occupy it for a whole week.

Program to follow for the redevelopment

The first two days, you can ask him to make a list or a plan of how he plans to set up his room. You will discuss it later and a final plan will come out afterwards. On the third day, you can encourage him to sort his things: keep the useful ones, put away the potentials “just in case” and put aside the things he no longer needs.

On the fourth day, you can then take him to make the necessary purchases for the redevelopment of his room (new furniture, materials for the redevelopment, decoration, etc.). Finally, on the fifth and sixth day, you embark on the actual redevelopment together. The seventh day will be a day of rest and retrospection.

Cooking together and experimenting with new recipes

Let the child take care of everything

Cooking with a child allows them to take responsibility and teach them how to do the right things from an early age. Cooking can be an exciting activity and contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for girls. So whether you have boys or girls, you can get them to cook with you.

You obviously do not need to offer them this activity. Just do it as a kind of game. Suggest that they play chef for a whole week, for example. It will surely make them happy. From the weekend, ask them to plan the menus for the week (afternoon tea and lunch, for example).

Program to follow

Before validating the menus, try to think about your personal schedule. If you plan to work all day, it would be best to plan menus for afternoon tea and dinner, for example. On the other hand, if you were to stay at home all the time, you could very well alternate between snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Once the menus have been validated, take them to buy the ingredients so they can put themselves in the chef’s shoes from the start. Let them choose the ingredients, but teach them to choose wisely. Advise them on how to do it. And even for the recipes, let them educate themselves and do their own research. Basically, the kids will be the chefs and the parents will just play the role of a cook’s helper.

Here are two ideas for activities that can keep your children occupied for a while. The goal here is not only to keep them busy, but to initiate and empower them to experience new things. So your children will not be bored during the holidays , but they will also gain new skills .