Top 5 Sports-related NFT Collection you can’t miss!

NFTs quickly became the  standard for athletes and sports franchises to engage their fanbase especially now that the pandemic prohibits live events.

As the specialized website NFTEvening describes it, NFTs are digital representations of assets. They are non-fungible meaning they are unique and not interchangeable. Unlike other fiat or cryptocurrencies, an NFT can not be swapped with another.  Moreover, NFTs are indivisible so they can’t be divided into smaller denominations. NFTs can be used to represent photos, videos, audio, memes, other types of digital files and even physical items.

The impressive amount of capital flooding into the NFT market has led to an abundance of NFT projects in various professional sports leagues and firms in the sports industry, including the MLB, NBA, MLS, UFC, WWE and many more!


Let’s have a rundown of the Top 5 sports-related NFT Collection :

  1. NBA Top Shot – Since its launch in 2019, NBA Top Shot has remained a favorite among NFT enthusiasts. It has amassed over $700 million in total sales in under a year. It is still growing aggressively, even recording 50% growth in a week.  NBA Top Shot is essentially an online marketplace for users to bid on, purchase, and sell digital highlights of NBA players called “moments”. Think of them as NBA trading cards, but instead of physical items you can keep at home, they’re digital collectibles that you own and store in an online wallet.
  1. Major League Baseball – MLB inked a long-term deal with Candy Digital to launch NFTs using the league’s assets. The first NFT Release is a 1/1 offering based on Hall of Fame player Lou Gehrig’s iconic ‘Luckiest Man” speech. Gehrig announced his retirement in front of 62,000 fans due to complications from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)—commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. To this day, Gehrig’s speech is regarded as one of the most famous speeches in sports history.  Gehrig — a dying man — told the crowd he was the luckiest man on earth.
  1. Andy Murray NFT Drop – Andy Murray’s Wimbledon NFT has sold for $177,777 on the WENEW marketplace. Murray’s ‘moment’ represents the UK tennis star’s famous Wimbledon Championship win back in 2013. It marked the first time a Briton had won the men’s tournament in 77 years, with Fred Perry the last UK player to pick up the iconic trophy.
  1. Konnan – Konan’s NFTs are digital collectibles that feature video footages and insights celebrating the 25th-anniversary of moments from a 1996 trios match.  Konnan achieved prominence as a Lucha Libre superstar both in Mexico and America – even without the benefit of WWE machinery. He is also credited for introducing the sport to the rest of the world while discovering new talents like Rey Mysterio.
  1. Floyd Mayweather – Floyd Mayweather has launched his first NFT Collection celebrating his life and achievements on and off the ring. The ‘Legacy Collection’ will include a total of 5 pieces. The first digital art piece, “All Work is Easy Work” is a tribute to his undefeated 50-0 Record.