How to arrange a room for two children?

When we live in the heart of the city, we often have a hard time finding a house or an apartment with the right size . Some, for lack of budget, cannot afford a house with the right number of bedrooms .
However, with children, it is not always easy. Everyone wants to have their own room, their own space and it is not easy. So, how do you set up a bedroom for two children if we only have one?


Define your goals and children’s tastes

Before embarking on the actual work, you must define your goals beforehand. Do you want to save space, have more storage or something else? It is from there that you will define an action plan for the arrangement of the room . Parents tend to ignore this step and yet it is essential to achieve its ends.

Along with this, you should also consult with your children. Ask them what they want for decoration , combine what they are passionate about in life and make it one decoration item. (Example: one is passionate about the sea and the other is passionate about space: the color blue will be the main color of the bedroom).

The decoration of the room

It is sometimes thought that it is difficult to decorate a room with two different tastes. It is not an easy step, but neither is it impossible. So, to begin with, define a common space. This can be the office space or the storage space. When you have defined it, you can decorate it on a theme.

Then, when you have finished defining the common space, it is time to define each child’s space. They each need a little privacy. It would therefore be best to separate their bed with a curtain or a separating piece of furniture (such as wardrobes, a desk, a game table, etc.).

A wise solution is also to paint the bedroom in three different colors to separate the space (one color for the common space and the other two colors to represent the respective space of the two children).

Personal spaces to have

Even when sharing the same room, your children should have certain personal spaces to ensure their privacy. Among these spaces, we can speak of the workspace . This is an important point to take into account, because each child has their own homework and it would be easier for them to concentrate by working on their own.

Storage, although they can be located in the same corner, must also be very distinct. Here, there is no longer any question of mixing the affairs of one with the affairs of the other. Everyone should have their own storage space . It will also allow them to take responsibility when they put away their things, their clothes and their toys.

Some ideas to materialize the separations of space

If you have an interesting ceiling height, you can consider the mezzanine . It will make your children feel like they have their own space. You can either put the workspace downstairs and the sleeping area upstairs and do the same on the other side of the bedroom. You can also arrange the bed of one at the top and that of the other at the bottom.

Bunk beds or trundle beds can also be an interesting solution, especially if you have little space. This type of furniture will also allow you to have more space to facilitate movement in the room. Finally, if the children want to go even further and if the space allows it, you can install a sliding partition to separate the space from one to the other.