Swimming: a sport with multiple benefits

Swimming is one of the few physical activities approved by many. Indeed, nutritionist, doctor, athlete and many others continue to recommend this sport to everyone: man, woman, child. But what are the specificities of this activity and why is it so recommended? Discover in a few lines the secrets of this sport with multiple benefits .


Swimming: good for morale

Swimming has been scientifically proven to be the perfect stress reliever activity . Indeed, bathing and swimming provides a certain serenity. In fact, when we exercise and let off steam, we produce a hormone called endorphin, which is the hormone of happiness.

Along with this, water is known for its ability to relax . Therefore, the more you swim, the further away you are from the risk of depression and anxiety. By swimming, you also eliminate all tension from your body. In short, swimming is therefore excellent for morale . In addition to that, it allows you to have a better oxygenated brain and able to think better and memorize better.

Swimming: the right activity to keep fit

Swimming is a complete, energy-intensive sport that works all the muscles in the body. So, by swimming moderately for an hour, you can burn between 400 and 500 calories. Basically, swimming is therefore one of the ideal physical activities for keeping your figure and controlling your weight .

If you want to lose weight , it is best to practice swimming three to four times a week for 40 minutes. On the other hand, if you just want to keep the figure , two or three sessions per week should be more than enough. Either way, keep in mind that swimming alone will not be enough. In fact, to achieve your goals, you will also need to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Swimming: to tone the muscles without impacting the joints

One of the biggest advantages of swimming is the fact that it has no impact on the joints. Since this physical activity is carried out in zero gravity , it does not overexert the joints. On the contrary, it would even be recommended to reduce joint pain (knees, wrists, etc.) following arthritis or osteoarthritis.

In addition, swimming is also a sport that helps tone the muscles of the body and relieve the pain associated with it. While swimming, no need for additional loads: the resistance of the water will serve as an automatic load. So, while swimming, you can work all of your muscles and even gain muscle mass .

In short, swimming is therefore a complete sport with, indeed, many benefits. It is one of the sports that you can practice every day without worrying about the side effects that it could impact. However, if you suffer from certain skin diseases or ENT problems, it is better to consult a doctor’s advice before indulging in this sport.