Future mom, how to prepare well?

Having a baby is one of the greatest gifts in this world. A baby is a sign of love, of rebirth, but also involves learning. Indeed, being a future mother is not always easy. We don’t always know where to go or what to do. Today, we are going to give you some tips to prepare for the baby’s arrival .


Getting ready for childbirth: how to do it?

As a mother-to-be, it is often difficult to cope with the stress of childbirth . We are afraid of being in pain, afraid of not reacting properly, simply afraid of giving birth. Therefore, to go beyond this fear, nothing like preparing for it beforehand.

Prenatal classes

One of the best ways to do this is to attend prenatal classes . You will learn a lot of things there: like how to manage contractions, what are the new habits to adopt, what are the necessary care for a newborn baby, etc. In short, you can ask all the questions that titillate you, because you will have the answers you expect.

Inquire with experienced mothers

Apart from professional advice, you can also chat with other mothers. Sometimes the advice of an expert cannot be enough and you will need to be reassured as much as possible. Nothing like a person who has already lived the situation to clear your way along this great adventure that is the life of mom .

Prepare for the big day a few months in advance

In addition to your physical and mental preparation , you must also prepare for the D-Day a few months in advance. To do this, choose in advance the people who will accompany you during labor, prepare your future mother’s things and also prepare those for the baby. Put your things in separate suitcases and place them where they are easy to take.

Preparing the house for the baby’s arrival

The house should also be ready to welcome the apple of your eye when the time comes. Thus, each room must be arranged so that the baby is completely comfortable and in no danger. From the bedroom to the bathroom, including the kitchen and the living room, everything must be arranged correctly.

Baby’s room

Apart from the color, there are very specific details that you need to focus on when it comes to the nursery. The latter must be equipped with a baby monitor so that you are always connected with your baby’s room, a cradle or a crib with a good mattress and a sleeping bag.

So that baby’s things are tidy, a chest of drawers should also be installed. Apart from that, a changing table and mat will also be needed to keep baby clean. Of course, with all that, there should be the necessary changing items such as diapers, cottons, etc.

The living room and the kitchen

As for the living room, you will need to place a deckchair there to be able to drop your baby from time to time. In addition, you will also need a nursing pillow to make you completely comfortable on the sofa watching a good movie (yes, even being a mom, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the little pleasures of life. !).

The kitchen will contain everything that revolves around the baby’s meal. In this room will then have to be: plastic or glass bottles, bibs, brushes and of course infant milk . For bottles, plan three or four if you are breastfeeding and six to seven if not. Finally, a high chair will also be welcome when baby can stand properly.

The bathroom

To ensure baby’s hygiene in an adult bathroom, he will need a bathing chair or a small bathtub to accommodate him well during the baths. Besides this, you should also have a bath thermometer so that your baby does not get burned (note that the average bath temperature of a baby is 37 ° C).

In parallel to this, you will also have to provide a special nail scissor for babies, but also physiological serum and compresses to clean the baby’s nose and eyes. Do not forget the body and hair gel for baby so that he smells good and that he is very clean. Finally, plan a bath cape to prevent baby from feeling cold after his bath and so that he dries quickly.