Getting started in bodybuilding, all you need to know

That’s it, you have decided to indulge in a new sport: bodybuilding! However, you are not sure where to start or where to place yourself. Don’t worry, today we’re giving you some tips for getting started in bodybuilding .


What is bodybuilding?

Before taking this route, you must first understand and know what bodybuilding really is. In fact, it can be called a complete sport and can build muscle , keep you in shape, gain muscle mass, or dry and lose fat. In short, bodybuilding is therefore a sport in its own right.

Besides this, strength training can also have many beneficial effects on the mind. Indeed, this sport allows to have a certain discipline and a certain self-control. Strength training builds your mind, helps you be more patient, increases your ability to concentrate, and helps you resist pain better.

How to get started in bodybuilding?

Now that you know what bodybuilding is and what it entails, you can move forward without worrying about what’s next. Yes but how ? What are the steps to follow to be able to practice bodybuilding as a beginner ?

Step 1: Set a specific goal

When you start a new experience, you need to have a specific goal. Effectively, aimlessly, you will never know where you are heading so that you can get completely comfortable in that area.

So, take a sheet of paper and ask yourself why you want to start weight training. Once you have found the answer, write it down on the sheet and write an affirmation for each goal you want to achieve by setting a time limit to reach it (example: within 3 months, I must lose 10 kilos).

Step 2: Educate yourself

Once you have defined your short, medium and long term goals, learn about the fundamentals of bodybuilding . Contact a professional: a coach and / or a nutritionist and outline your main goals. The professional in question should know how to educate you on the subject. He will advise you, in particular, on the basics of bodybuilding.

When you are fully informed, you should decide whether you want to train at the gym or at home. It’s all up to you, but make sure you have the support you need if you want to do weight training at home. You can, for example, hire a personal trainer to ensure regular follow-up.

Step 3: Get started!

You are all ready to go! Just keep in mind some rules when you go to play this hellish sport:

  • Master the movements first: the important thing is not to be able to lift more and more loads with each workout. What matters is the insight of your movements. The closer your movements are to perfection and keep pace , the faster you will reach your goals.
  • Do not train every day: consistency is an important point when playing a sport. However, it should not be abused. Give yourself two to three days off per week. For a beginner , three to four sessions per week should be sufficient.
  • A specific muscle for each session: to easily reach your goals, it is preferable to define the muscles to work for each session (example: for the first session: quadriceps, back and triceps, second session: biceps, abs and pectorals, third session : shoulder and abdo). This will allow you to focus your efforts on specific muscles and prevent you from spreading yourself too thin.