Everything you need to know about the Rock trend

When we say Rock, we immediately refer to this music characterized by a very pronounced rhythm, but it’s much more than that. Style of music, style of dress, attitude … Since the 1960s, Rock has undergone considerable evolution to the point of establishing itself as a true philosophy, an ideal of life to which people in search of difference like to adhere, identity, or quite simply uniqueness. Piercings, tattoos, excessive makeup, leather clothing.


Rock has gone today from a rebellious style to a style that anyone can adopt. Shaking up the codes of “what must be”, Rock is today a real trend. Known and recognized by the greatest stylists, he is often the headliner of major fashion shows. Some celebrities even go so far as to appear on the famous “Red Carpet” with Rocks looks, or not hesitating to decorate their evening outfits with some Rock accessories such as metal rings, studded shoes or all. simply by adopting these atypical haircuts which are the particularity of the followers of this trend.

Rock is more and more anchored in fashion, so much so that it has almost lost that little something that characterized it. Regardless, Rock fanatics always stand out in the streets. From haircuts to accessories, they know how to combine the pieces to bring out the rebellious side that characterizes them.

I- Haircut

Long, short, ebony black, platinum blonde, blood red, or colorful, the real Rocker is not shy. He dares, since precisely that is the difference he is looking for. He wants to stand out from others, and this difference also goes through his hairstyle. Men or women, there are cuts that would suit everyone.

If you are a woman with short hair, you will definitely be tempted by the Boyish cut. This is the trend of the moment. The older ones have already adopted it, why not you? It’s super easy to do: have your hair cut shorter on the sides, and fringe on the front. This cut will immediately give you a more Rock look. You can also opt for the wild mane if you have shoulder-length or long hair.

Men, do not feel left out. There are also cuts made for you. The wild mane will suit you all also good if you have shoulder length hair. You can tack them back if you have long hair: rock is guaranteed. Or just, opt for the Soft Rocker or the Hypster. It is the same principle as the Boyish in women. And to complete it all, let yourself grow the beard, for a full beard, or leave your chin bare. It’s up to you to see.

II- Clothes

We already know that Rock integrates everything that is offbeat. Clothing is therefore no exception. There are shops with a lot of Rocks items.

There is something for everyone: Black leather skirt or pants, T-shirt with a skull, short black dress, faded pants, leather jacket or jacket, and finally, studded shoes, high shoes (black obviously) or a pair of cowboy boots. It’s up to you to associate the clothes that you like to feel comfortable.

III- Accessories

The creators compete in imagination to offer a wide and varied range of accessories: earrings, piercings, nail chairs, gothic belts, metal bracelets, skull ring, studded backpack, handbag gothic … Accessories are created every day to expand this Rock trend which is growing more and more.

We cannot close this article not to mention the makeup. You want to look like a real Rocker, go for the smoky eye or smoked eye in French. It is a technique used by makeup artists which consists of highlighting the eyes with shadows of black.

As we said so, is not Rocker who wants, but who can. So dare to dare and above all dare to difference.