Discovery: The best thermal springs in Europe

Want to go to the pool but you have to wait for the right time? There are many places around the world where you can bathe in warm water surrounded by nature.

You might find spas in town that offer thermal waters all year round, however, nothing beats a beautiful landscape when you bathe in warm water and the outside temperature is around 0 ° C.


1. Pamukkale, Turkey

Among the most beautiful springs in the world, Pamukkale in Turkey is probably the most beautiful. Usually, tourists who travel the region do not fail to take a tour. This region is a natural area where you will also find artificial swimming pools to bathe in the same water. Indeed, more and more tourists flock to these sources and it is sometimes difficult to reach them.

The landscape drawn by the rock of this place has been declared a World Heritage Site. You can have the impression, from a distance, that you are looking at a mountain covered with a thick layer of snow with reflections all over its surface.

2. Outariz, Spain

While in Galicia, you can visit the Outariz thermal waters known for their benefits. These basins are made up of a series of different hot and cold springs with temperatures ranging between 20 and 60 ° C. These sources are completely free and accessible to all!

3. Kamchatka, Russia

It is a strategic military region in Russia. This region is in turmoil but is gradually opening up to the public. This is a mountainous area that is difficult to access and many places can only be reached by helicopter!

However, there is growing tourist activity, thanks in particular to the Khodutka volcano and the Nalyvecho natural park.

4. Lake Hévíz, Hungary

Budapest is generally identified as the “Mecca” of hot springs in Europe. There are many springs and several establishments in the Hungarian capital where you can relax in different thermal waters.

Hungary does not have the largest thermal lake in the world. Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand holds this record. However, the temperatures are very high and do not allow swimming. In this case, it is Lake Héviz which is considered to be the largest thermal lake where it is possible to bathe in the world. The waters of this lake have several virtues, including the possibility of treating respiratory problems. It is therefore an ideal place to relax.

5. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The “Blue Lagoon” is the result of the fusion of turquoise water and volcanic stone, about 40 km from Reykjavik. Tourists can discover a large spa there. Its water is used for medicine because it is rich in silica. The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s largest spa resort and it is this notoriety that attracts many visitors.