Development: recover and reuse everyday objects at home in an original way

Today, there are programs that encourage and promote recycling. People are more and more aware of the protection of the environment. Many people are changing their habits, their consumption patterns and are now taking various environmentally responsible actions. The reuse and recycling of everyday objects is a good example. You can also play your part by reusing everyday items and turning them into useful items. With a little imagination, anything is possible! Here are some original suggestions.


Delivery boxes

In recent years, with the growing importance of online orders, boxes received at home have been piling up. Before systematically putting them in the recycling bin, consider making various household appliances for children. This will make them entertain themselves with original toys. You can even use the leftover paint to paint the details of your creation. A great project to be with the family!

Cereal boxes

Unless your entire kitchen is zero waste, cereal boxes are part of your everyday life. Did you know that the original material can be made from cardboard? With a little imagination and some basic DIY skills, you can make some nice pockets or storage boxes. Very suitable for children, it is a very interesting means of conservation!

Old tires

The number of used tires is significant and will continue to increase with the development of the automotive industry. The authorities are calling for recycling, and more and more people are joining it. In addition to these measurements, you can also use your imagination to reuse old tires like in the picture above. Besides making the trash, the tires can serve as a seat which is a practical aesthetic concept. A good way to enhance the decoration of your exterior at a low cost.

Plastic containers

Are you having trouble keeping your store in order? Organize it with the plastic containers! Just screw the lid of each container onto the wooden board. You just need to sort out all the small objects that disturb the work surface, such as screws or nails.

The canned goods

Canned foods are part of our daily lives. It’s everywhere in our kitchen! The reflex is that when empty, it is rinsed and then placed in a drip tray. It’s a good habit, but with a little creativity, canned goods can be reused easily. Once these are decorated, they can store pencils, small crafts, utensils, etc. With a little innovation, you can make them useful!

Toilet paper rolls

If you want play with children or if you have a project that contains objects decorative, remember to recover and reuse toilet paper rolls or paper towels. What these simple rollers can do is crazy! Small gift boxes, children’s party hats … even cuttings or the seedling containers in the example above!