Fashion: Look stylish with tailored pants

The pantsuit is timeless, and suitable for an ultra-chic look, provided of course you know how to choose the cut that highlights your body type. This garment is even timeless because it crosses the ages. However, you have to know how to choose the right cut that will go with your femininity.


Select cut and color

For thin people with narrow hips, straight leg pants, with or without underwire, or cigarette cut are better suited. Both models hug your hips perfectly, giving you a sophisticated and harmonious shape. When it comes to colors, gray or black are more judicious and timeless choices. However, you can afford to wear stripes. The most original choice is to opt for subtle vertical stripes which give a chic result.

On the other hand, if your forms and your hips are more accentuated, privilege the broad cut, while avoiding the darts which would only accentuate your pelvis. This cut conceals the curves with maximum femininity thanks to its vaporous effect. Watch out for pockets: It is recommended to choose a model without side or back pockets, even if this may make your curves stand out. Finally, in terms of color, know that dark and solid shades refine the silhouette. If you wear black or charcoal tailored pants, you are sure to be chic and trendy.

How to wear tailored pants?

To avoid the harsh side of the tailored pants, you can combine it to the traditional white shirt and jacket that usually go with it. For a flawless look, you can wear it with a crew neck T-shirt or V to highlight your chest. For example, you can opt for a crew neck jacket with printed patterns.

When it comes to jewelry, it is not worth wearing too straight pearl necklaces. You can opt for a wide chain necklace or a pair of shiny sequin earrings.

And when it comes to shoes, avoid wearing shoes that keep them in the codes. With a pair of modern and feminine heels, you you are reinventing. For example, a model with a round toe and a strap at the ankle would be preferable. As for the handbag, forget the bulky tote. A small bag would be suitable.