Design the perfect bedroom to quickly fall asleep

No one will tell you the opposite: a good night’s sleep necessarily conditions a good day the next day. While most of us subconsciously find sleep more or less easily, not everyone does. Indeed, many people get there under the influence of sleeping pills. According to a study, 13% of French people use benzodiazepines (sleeping pills). You can take matters into your own hands to improve the quality of your sleep by arranging your bedroom.


Create a monocale atmosphere

To improve the quality of sleep, you must favor a clean decoration. You have to clear your head to be able to sleep more easily. This is possible by creating a vacuum in our space and therefore freeing up the space of the bedroom. The bedroom is an area reserved for sleeping only. It is therefore necessary to eliminate all the superfluous furniture which clutters such as the library, the office, the shelves. The feeling of disorder is likely to interfere with falling asleep.

Arrange the bed well

To begin with, you must choose the room that will be your bedroom. This should be located far from the entrance and in a quiet corner, i.e. far from the children’s room, for example. As for the bed, it should not be placed near the window or near the door which are stressful spaces. It should therefore be placed in a corner of the room, away from the door and against a wall. Also, avoid beds on the floor because energy needs to circulate. This tip puts a spirit of security.

Promote positivity

A Zen atmosphere is to be favored. You should focus on « positive » shaped objects. We can cite furniture with horizontal and rounded shapes. On the other hand, eliminate objects that have negative energies, such as pointed objects or chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Create a favorable environment

In our sleep, our body goes into a kind of pause: breathing decreases, so does the heart rate and temperature. However, our 5 senses continue to pick up information from the outside world. Therefore, the goal is to also pause our universe so that we easily fall asleep.

It is well known that noise disturbs sleep. Sleep is divided by phase and between these different stages the body’s sensitivity is awakened. It doesn’t take more than a sound, a sigh, or a light to be close to waking up. It is therefore essential to soundproof your room as much as possible in the face of outside noise. There is no shortage of resources: insulated door, double-glazed windows, thicker carpets, wall padding.

Light also plays a key role in finding sleep. Soft light is ideal and curtains or blinds provide darkness suitable for sleeping. If you’re comfortable with the dark, consider curtains or a blackout lining. For example, you can opt for an opaque veil that you can fix on your own curtains or blinds.

Finally, the temperature of the room has its role in a good night’s sleep. If an overheated bedroom, with confined air, is not favorable, a room ventilated during the day and at night, is likely to promote a good night’s sleep. The ideal temperature would be around 18 ° C.