Why choose to build a joist terrace?

Joists are the beams or rafters that solidify and support a house when installed on it. They form a great barrier of resistance to climatic conditions and thus allow the structure to live longer. Wooden joists make it possible to create a double structure on the terrace and do not require any maintenance, their maintenance is completely natural and inexpensive. In fact, the utility of joists stands out with their many advantages.


The wooden joists

Make the choice of joists for your terrace comes down to considering the advantages of each type of joist. Warm and comfortable, the wood fits perfectly under different styles. The wooden joists then make your terrace stylish, with its soft touch character. You can then walk around barefoot without fear and no risk of slipping. Composite wood joists are better. Their asset main thing is that their wood does not rot. The service life of the structure is therefore sees prolonged thanks to maintenance with suitable products.

However, we can note some drawbacks. First, wood can be attacked by insects if it is raw. It is therefore important to treat it. Then, the fluted blades are less solid which pushes you to take stronger blades. You will also take advantage to prevent the growth of mosses on the wood which contribute to making it slippery.

The deck made of composite wood joists: a new trend

The majority of renovations these days have this new tendency to only use composite wood joists to keep the house safe from insects and all other gusts.

Indeed, it is a very natural way to fight against these bad weather which surface tirelessly. The future landlords have understood this ingenuity according to which joists are essential for those who wish to have a terrace resistant to both water and sun.

How to install a joist deck

The stability of the structure strongly depends on the installation. You must prevent moisture from entering because it will weaken the whole. For this, it is better to provide a water flow solution that will go to the ground. Then, it will be a question of laying a concrete slab. This would be ideal to ensure perfect insulation of the structure.

Then, during the installation of the joists, you must respect a certain distance between the wooden joists. The joists must also have a certain distance from the wall and these will be used to easily install the wooden boards. You will then successively screw the boards onto each joist. It is when you have finished placing the boards that you will apply the products adapted to the material, before cleaning afterwards.