Developing your garden with recycled objects: good ideas

If you love to create art with recycled materials in your garden, this gallery of recycled gardening ideas is for you! Any gardening enthusiast will tell you that not everything in the garden will be pretty. It’s just part of the nature of gardening! So check out some of these examples of our recycled gardening ideas and find the perfect way to start saving money while adding character to your garden space!

  1. Tire rim hose reel

This old rusty rim works great as a storage unit for a garden hose. Simply use the already existing holes to bolt the rim to a wall or solid support, and wrap any pipe around the outer edge!

  • Vintage sink planter

A vintage sink can indeed make a pretty elegant planter. All you need is a sturdy pipe or a smart spot to mount the sink bowl, and you’re ready to fill it with soil and start growing.

  • Rusty bicycle display

Any old bicycle that cannot be used or is simply taken out of use can become a stylish display. Some bikes have a platform at the back where a basket can be attached which is quite handy! On other bikes without this feature, a basket attached to the handlebars or seat can be just as easy to create.

4. Rustic door lattice

A screen door can be converted into an elegant trellis with vines intertwined in the mesh. It’s such a simple idea with hardly any work to build.

5. Glass planter

This design may take more skill and effort to create, but the end result is definitely worth it! Glass bottles surround a planter and create a visually intriguing piece.

6. Wooden barrel basket planter

Whenever they are used in a room decoration, it’s hard not to be impressed. This planter is no different, combining a rustic feel with flowers bright and vibrant.

7. Paint Can Bird Houses

It even incorporates the paint bucket himself! Use ribbon or any type of string to hang the box painted, glue on a dowel for birds, fill the box with seeds, and voila! You have a new bird feeder original.

8. Queen Garden

If you have the space for it, this design is really fantastic! Even the feet of the bed « grow » from terracotta pots, and the bed itself is covered in a soft cluster of flowers and foliage. The possibilities of additions like a bedside table and lantern make this a versatile and supportive garden idea.

9. Colander and teapot planters

Incorporate them into your garden and turn them into a creative display of flowers and foliage! It is a great design because they are so easy to move and rearrange.

10. Planter with drawers

We all have an old dresser hidden in the garage that has not been used since the age of twelve, so stop procrastinate and turn it into something special!

11. Planters of various objects

Every garden project doesn’t have to be so grandiose. Once you realize you can almost incorporate any element in your garden space, the possibilities are endless!

12. Bicycle spoke trellis

If you are ready to spend some time creating something extraordinary, this design is definitely a good choice! Fix unlimited number of bicycle tire rims together to create a wall circular lattice-shaped. If you can make it work alone, it’s fantastic! But it can also work well leaning against a wall or post.

13. Stuffed denim planters

It’s hard not to laugh at this style of planter creative, with a range of different blue jeans filled with earth and flowers growing. But it is undeniable, you will get what you pay for with this denim!

14. Plastic bottle sprinkler

An idea more functional than fashion, this sprinkler for water bottle is simple and easy to recreate. It is an excellent way to keep the kids occupied and the lawn watered without breaking the bank paying for high-tech “sprinkler systems”.

15. Glass bottle cutter

If you have a surplus of bottles of empty wine, maybe it’s time to save some money in others areas! Not only does it look great, but it is also functional as an edger and separator for any flower bed.