5 things to know when traveling to Russia

Russia remains a popular destination for tourists and students. It is also a country that can be described as a crossroads country, between Asia and Europe. Its cultural and historical wealth is best spread over its area, the largest in the world. Its beauties and charms strengthen the attraction of this wonderful country, to the point of making you decide to take a trip there.


However, a trip to the land of the Tsar requires certain equally important prerequisites, which must be taken into account in order to may the latter be most wonderful. So there are many things that you absolutely need to know while traveling in the former USSR , but we will tell you about 5 of them.

Choose the best period

This country has long been cataloged as a permanently snowy country, where the polar cold rages full time, this is not always the case. It is a part of the world where the weather can change in the same period in incomprehensible ways. Despite this, it is possible to control the times of the year.

Summer is the best time of year in Russia for a tourist trip , the sun is in full swing. You have the possibility to move as you please and to discover the marvelous Russian scenery. Likewise, autumn offers you the opportunity to contemplate the magical landscapes of Russian cities . Even if the rain could play the part of the party troubles.

Yes on the other hand you prefer winter , travel accordingly, taking appropriate clothing for the cold. Choose a hotel and activities with this in mind, as the cold and snow may well dictate their law.

Don’t forget to respect formalities

Russia is one of the strictest countries in Europe, besides, beware, if you come from the EU zone, you absolutely need a visa. And you should know it, the administrative formalities are not easy, you will have to arm yourself with patience and courage.

For obtain a Russian tourist visa , make sure you do it early. You must first receive a tourist invitation from an agency Russian or a host. Unstoppable condition for obtaining a tourist visa Russian. Hold on, its maximum duration is 30 days and cannot be renewed on the spot. If you want to spend more time there, look for a business visa instead .

The rest of the procedure is very precise, it would be better to be aware of it before any action. To avoid any inconvenience.

Learn the basics of the language

As in any new country, to facilitate your integration and your stay, it is better to learn the basics of Russian . It will certainly help you in your various trips. The Russians will praise your efforts.

Master the culture of transport

With a very good transport network , the Russia is a decidedly modern country. In large metropolises, you will have necessarily to be done at Taxis (they do not do not have a meter, you just have to negotiate the price according to the distance). But also, at the Metro and to the bus (with rechargeable transport cards), the Marchroutkas (intermediary between taxis and private mini-buses). Without forgetting the Train .

Attractions and destinations to visit

The places to visit at all costs:

  • Moscow : Red Square, Novodevichy Monastery, Kremlin, Gallery Tretyakov …
  • St. Petersburg : the Hermitage Museum, Peterhof Palace, the Winter Palace, the Cathedral Saint Isaac …
  • The Trans-Siberian

For a pleasant stay in Russia , know certain prerequisites are necessary. A beautiful, welcoming country that is waiting for you!