With which champagne to accompany your dishes?

You want to enjoy your dishes with a glass of champagne? Here is the guide you need.

The specialist in festive ceremonies, champagne is the wine par excellence for festive meals. But its plurality makes it a delicate wine when it comes to accompanying it with a particular meal . Its forms, grape varieties or even its dosages must be mastered when faced with each dish . Clearly, it is a question of perfectly dominating the met-champagnes combinations to have successful moments. But which champagne to accompany which dishes?


Blanc de Blanc for the start of a meal

Perfect for aperitifs or the start of a meal, blanc de blanc champagne has the advantage of not saturating the mouth, because it leaves it a certain freshness necessary for the rest of the dinner. Ideal for meals with oysters, Parmesans or dry goat cheese. Its aromatic side goes very well with seafood. But you have to pay attention to the dosage, light it is easily digested.

Gross Blanc de Blanc de Drappier, Golden Clusters Blanc de Blancs, Lattitude Extra Brut Lamandier-Bernier, Premier Cru Laherte Frères… among other suggestions of Blanc de Blanc champagne.

Rosé champagnes

Tastefully, the rosés de saignée champagnes are more delicate, but excellent for meals made with meat. With game birds, tasty poultry, it is the champagne that gives meaning to these dishes . We better appreciate the dishes that are accompanied by rosé champagne . And if you are looking for a champagne that could combine with fruit products, the rosé is one of the rare ones that goes perfectly with it. A delicious tasting.

A few suggestions: Brut rosé Ruinart, Rosé Brut Bollinger, Grande Sendrée Drappier, The Rosé Brut Chartogne-Taillet, Rosé Majeur Ayala …

Les Blancs de Noirs, Perfect for meals

Whether it comes from Pinot Noir , Meunier or quite simply from this blend, the power of Blancs de Noirs champagnes is well established. These are champagnes capable of being accompanied with any type of meal. Whether it is during aperitifs or main courses , the Blancs de Noirs are a real masterpiece. You will enjoy your dishes better with this wine. Especially when it comes to fish and shellfish dishes, or poultry during your Christmas meals.

A few suggestions: Rose de Jeanne Côte de Val Vilaine Cédric Bouchard, Blanc de Noirs Brut Philipponnat, Harmonie Extra Brut Franck Pascal…

The brut cuvée

To accompany your savory meals , champagne is the ideal companion, more precisely the Cuvée Brute . As a supplement, it does not attack food, on the contrary. It pairs perfectly with homemade roast chicken. Its aroma combines pleasantly with fish such as smoked salmon. To put it simply, for all your savory meals, or almost do not hesitate to draw your champagne the brut cuvée .

Suggestion : The Krug Grande Cuvée Brut…

Sometimes to better appreciate the delights of a meal , champagne is the ideal complement. Control the dosages, and the accompaniments saves you from having unpleasant moments. On the other hand, well chosen, champagne makes your meals and even better times.