What works for a child's room in the attic?

The thought of having a child’s bedroom in the attic is a fabulous inspiration. It will give him the privacy he needs for rest. If you really want to install a bedroom in the attic, here are the steps to follow.


Activities should guide the organization

If you want it busy with several activities, your child must have a space that speak. List the activities that interests him such as drawing, crafts, music or play. It is in this sense that you must plan the lighting of the room. A few rules should be followed:

  • Choose furniture solutions that meet different activities
  • The piece must be scalable to adapt to the morphological changes of the child
  • It must provide practical storage solutions
  • It must offer calm and be well insulated
  • It must be healthy and breathable.

Good insulation required

The full room must be suitable for conversion. This requires good insulation, installation of a floor and a stair hopper. You must put the adequate budget for perform this part of the installation. It all depends on the size of the room. Note that if you want to add a bathroom, you will have to spend more money for the installation.

Let in natural light

When arranging your full bedroom, you must ensure that the room is well lit. The light of day will allow your child to work or indulge in his leisure activities at will. To do this, you can opt for glazed surfaces on 20% of the living area. Better, install several roof windows because only one will not be enough to bring in the maximum amount of daylight. The windows must then be scattered so that the entire room is lit evenly.

You thereby create a conducive space allowing your child to flourish and improve his school performance.

The ventilation stage

Ventilation should be included in your full room quote. Roof windows are an excellent solution because in addition to providing light, they circulate air. Otherwise, you can also opt for VMC. It is important that ventilation is natural in this type of arrangement.

Choose paint

The paint adds color to the room. You need to choose the type that suits the style of your child, but also within the budget you have set for yourself. Choose a painting which has little odor and emits few VOCs.

Light colors such as sky blue, sea green, powder pink, or gray are preferred. You should avoid choosing too bright colors like red or orange.

The furnishing of the room

Furnishing is the last step of installing the full bedroom of your child. You can simply take furniture already in your possession such as the bed, the dresser of your child. You can make some shelves for the storage of his business. You can install sofa and cabinet to enhance its comfort.