Ed Sheeran is a good payer: his 27 properties he paid for in cash

The financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic does not appear to no impact on Ed Sheeran’s cash flow.

While most people opt for measured spending, in this context of crisis, the 29-year-old singer continues to enrich his real estate catalog of new apartments.

Without having had resorts to a bank loan, the man has just acquired new buildings. Reliable sources reveal that Ed Sheeran now has twenty-seven properties, including houses and mansions estimated at 57 million books. Or the British equivalent of 63 million euros.

He has a large amount of properties , says a source in The Sun newspaper . He did not have need to borrow any money since he already had it. Some people are forced to take out a mortgage, but Ed has a mountain of cash in the bank, so there was no point in him letting them be money on his back. He just bought it all at once.

To believe the Sunday Times Rich List , Ed Sheeran reportedly owns at least 200 million pounds in its cases. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the artist has decided to take a long break to read, write, sing and enjoy of his wife, his love of youth, Cherry Seaborn .

It seems like this decision will not have much impact on the finances of this fan of agriculture and livestock.