Beauty: How to wear makeup when you're a brunette?

The choice of makeup depends on the color hair. If you are brunette, here are some tips for you.

For the brown, the choice of foundation is important to give a unified appearance to your face.

If you have dark skin, choose sunny colors. Yes on the other hand you have a fair skin, wear your choice on a beige shade or dew.

To enhance your complexion, don’t rely solely on your foundation. Also bet on blush. Used subtly, it will restore the appearance of your face. Know that pink palettes are made for your hair browns. Use it!

To grant value to your eyes, preferably adopt cold colors such as purples, pinks, reds for eye shadow, the pencil by the way eyeliner or mascara. This is the case of Nathalie Portman.

For more originality, adopt intense colors to contrast with your complexion if it is matte.

Your lips can give your makeup a little more intensity, whether they are fine or plump. If yours are plump, it is better to choose the shades mates to narrow your mouth. If you have thin lips, bet on gloss.

For a skin clear, preferably use soft and natural shades such as beiges, roses or caramels. For a matte color, use red ruby, fuchsia pink or plum. It’s good for your skin.

As for your eyebrows, assign them a more structured look using pencils and loose powders apply with a brush. Use only colors close to that of your eyebrows: draw rather thin eyebrows without removing too much material. Born do not harden your face with more pronounced eyebrow lines.