Beauty tips: How to wear makeup when it's hot?


At the beach or at work, it is important to you to have stylish makeup in the summer. Here are some tips inspired by makeup artists professionals.

The heat is hostile to makeup. We sweat a lot, humidity creates the sebum which greases the skin and makes the powder drip. Here is a texture sweat resistant.

Know that in summer, you must seal your makeup before finalizing your makeup. Use a primer to create a solid base to the foundation that creates insulation between the skin and the formula that holds much better: anti-pore primer, tinted corrective or mattifying. Also use an eye shadow to keep your make up until evening.

It is better to choose anti-shine products for combination skin; and / or « oil free », based on water and not oil. They help to absorb excess sebum as well as moisture; while calming the skin to better resist heat, perspiration and sebum thanks to their micro sponges or their powders and using encapsulated pigments. It is advisable to choose a non-greasy day cream to allow the skin to regulate itself as with Marion Cotillard.

For eyes

Before using mascara, there are products you can use to prevent your mascara from melts and eye shadows deteriorate. The best to avoid you this inconvenience is to use waterproof formulas. Replace the classic shadows by the liquid version. It applies quickly and fades finger before fixing strongly. You can also choose shadows cream in pencil.

Choose a waterproof eyeliner that goes well with liners like kohl pencils by depositing them just under the fringe of the lower lashes and not on the lining of the eye. This will give you an ember look like Meghan Markle.

Add the mascara that you will take care to remove in the evening using a specific two-phase product, like any high-hold waterproof makeup. Rather than a powdered product, it is preferable to use the blush of “non-transfer” cream formula as a stick, for example to prevent it from deteriorating into a paste.

Finally, at the end of makeup, spray a fixing formula that will prevent all of the makeup from migrating.