Stairway to Heaven case, Led Zeppelin did not plagiarize Spirit

Stairway to Heaven is one of the most famous psychedelic rock songs in the world. This song by British hard rock band Led Zeppelin was written by voice leader Robert plant and was composed by guitarist Jimmy Page. Of course, we find it in the annals of classic rock .

When this song was released, members of psychedelic rock Spirit dragged Robert Plant and Jimmy Page to justice under pretext of plagiarism. Indeed, they said that Plant and Page plagiarized “Taurus”, one of their flagship songs. “Taurus” has actually been launched before Stairway to Heaven.

Therefore, Spirit members demanded compensation $ 13 million to Plant and Page. Decades later, the case has been resolved.

Similarities and not plagiarism !!!


When we listen to the two songs, we can actually perceive similarities in the melody. However, if Taurus lasts 2 min 37 s, Stairway to Heaven makes 8 min 1 s!

It was up to Jimmy Page to defend another argument concerning these similarities in 2016. Indeed, the legendary guitarist told the bar that the chord suite is not the same in these two songs. Unfortunately, in 2018, Plant and Page’s requests were rejected.

Judgment review

On Monday March 2, the ruling that Led Zeppelin did not plagiarize Taurus from the Spirit group was finally upheld. In this sense, the magistrates gave success to Plant and Page. For this, they based themselves on the law of 1909 which governs copyright. This review of the judgment made by the San Francisco Court of Appeal therefore tells us that Stairway to Heaven has not been plagiarized. This is great news not only for the best of British hard rock bands, but also for the fans!