Do you know bleisure travel ?

Over the past two decades, the word bleisure has entered labor jargon. This word is English-speaking and comes from the combination of words: business and leisure. In this sense, it is a combination between business or work and leisure.


At the very beginning, bleisure was only reserved for leaders and employers. Today, it is accessible to employees of all categories. But what does bleisure actually consist of, or rather the bleisure business trip?

A business and discovery trip

Bleisure travel as said in English is the new form of business travel. In a very simple course, it is a matter of going on a business trip and extending your stay by two or three days to discover the welcoming land .

The bleisure therefore allows the employee to visit other regions while carrying out his work. In other cases, it may also be a business trip allowing the employee to be accompanied by his family .

Of course, the conditions of bleisure are determined at ahead of time to avoid work failures. Most often, for an employee who leaves without family, fun activities are only allowed during of the last three or two days of the stay.

If the employee goes on a business trip with his family, the same conditions are required against him. The family for its part is therefore on the go to fully enjoy your stay!

What should you expect when you go on “bleisure travel”?

Before leaving for bleisure travel, it is necessary to prepare the business part in advance. So that you don’t have to botch things up, be sure to schedule work tasks well. This done, you can program the leisure part! Schedule your visits to places that really interest you instead of just foolishly choosing touristic places. In this way, you will really benefit from the game leisure of your bleisure travel.

A beneficial business trip for everyone

Bleisure is beneficial for both employers and employees. According to studies done on this new form of business travel, employees who go on bleisure travel are more efficient and more productive. Some companies even offer their employees several business trips during the year for a low remuneration . According to both parties, this way of doing things is quite advantageous. Moreover, it is especially the discoveries that we make while traveling that constitute our greatest riches!