5 golden rules for taking care of succulents

We like succulents because they grow quite easily. But we especially like them for their side particularly decorative. We put these plants on the shelves, on the desk or on the windowsill to enhance the interior decor. he it is even possible to assemble several succulents at the same time on the same base for a very original patchwork effect! But what should you know about the maintenance of these plants?


The sun

Succulents come from warm countries and therefore love especially the sun. Therefore, for a succulent plant to flourish well, it should be placed in a sunny place. Place it in front of a window or on the balcony. The main thing in all cases is him allow to receive enough sun.

The water

Water is also crucial for the proper development of succulents. However, these plants do not need a water supply therefore if this is the case for certain conventional plants. Indeed, they simply need to be moistened once their soil is dry. It would therefore be better to water them once a day in summer. Through cold season however, it is possible to water them only once a week.

The heat

Succulents also like heat like they do come from sunny countries. They should be placed in a warm place optimal. In winter, it is even better to store them inside the House. But don’t forget to let them enjoy the sun, especially between 10 in the morning and 4 p.m.

The draining

These plants also need good drainage. In others terms, they need a pot that has a drainage hole. Then, you have to line the bottom of the pot with pebbles, and then sand with piling up the soil. This arrangement of the different layers of the soil will allow good drainage of irrigation water.

Leaf cleaning

If your succulents get dusty, you should systematically clean them. Indeed, these plants particularly like be cleaned; they like to be pampered! To clean them, however, be very careful, as they can easily lose their leaves. You for example you can use a feather duster to clean a succulent, leaf per sheet.