She finds her deceased child in virtual reality

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation uploaded video depicting a moving meeting between a bereaved mother and her regretted little girl. Everything takes place in a virtual park which was inspired by a real park where the little girl and her mother used to hang out to walk.

Jang Ji-sung is a mother bruised by the death of his daughter who was only 7 years old on the day of his big departure. Nayeon, the daughter of Jang died in 2016 due to an incurable illness. The developers of the project worked eight months in a row to realize the program called “I put You ”.

How did this project come about?


The developers worked on a real place to put in place “I met You”. They scanned and reproduced each relief constituting this park which turns out to be one of the favorite places of Jang and Nayeon. Then, they hired a child actor to reproduce all the gestures likely to be performed by the virtual Nayeon once it meets Jang. Well heard, Jang and his entire family provided images of Nayeon to developers for the realization of the project.

During the VR session, Jang stood in front of a worm screen; she had a VR headset and haptic gloves. When she put on her helmet and her gloves, she found herself in the by this then saw her daughter coming towards she. Shocked, the mother touched her daughter’s face and spoke to her. They are holding hands, and have been able to speak for a while. Besides, you can see the full video on the Munhwa Broadcasting YouTube channel Corporation.

Good or bad idea ?

The “I met You” project enabled Jang to find her deceased daughter. She was able to say goodbye to him correctly and review again! This project receives mixed reviews. Indeed, some individuals believe that “I met You” actually allows families in mourning to say goodbye to their late loved ones. This virtual reality would allow these families to express what they have really on the heart to say goodbye to their loved ones who are no longer among them.

On the other hand, some people think that this project can mislead bereaved families. Indeed, it must be remembered that it is above all a virtual reality, and that families can therefore dive back into it as many times as necessary. However, that would mean that at some point, mourners could plunge into denial and never finish their mourn! Food for thought !