The wet effect, the big hairstyle trend

Since the summer of 2019, the wet effect has ravaged the hairstyle category. Stars adopt it, and fashionistas are crazy about it! The good news is that it is possible to wear this hairstyle with all possible clothing styles.


Whether you’re out on the town, going to a ceremony, or just want to look more presentable while shopping, you can always take the wet look hairstyle. So how do you do this hairstyle? What do you need to know to succeed with flying colors?

The wet effect principle

As the title suggests, the wet look hairstyle is to give her hair a wet texture. Whatever the style hairstyle adopted, the main thing is to appear with hair that looks wet! You can curl, straighten, curl, or tie your hair while by adopting the wet effect hairstyle. This hairstyle trend that made fury on the catwalk for the 2010-2020 trends is easier to realize that it does!

How to achieve the “wet hair” look?

Achieving a wet hair or wet look is that simple. To start, you need to wash your hair. Make sure you take full care during washing. Given the nature of your hair, use the right ones: shampoo, mask and conditioner. When you have finished washing your hair, wring out the excess water. Your hair should be wet and not completely soaked. Then mix some gel and styling cream in equal parts. Apply the product on your hair afterwards, and voila!

What hairstyle to adopt with wet hair?

As said before you can opt for all possible hairstyle styles with the wet effect trend. If you want just straighten your hair, you must style it well with a stranded comb discarded after application of the product. Those who like curly hair can use rollers to wrap their hair strand by strand after application of the product. You can also just leave your hair in the air and let them take shape naturally. In addition, it is possible to make a bun, a braid, or a ponytail with her hair once the product is applied.

Why adopt this look?

The wet effect hairstyle is appreciated for its side natural. In addition, it is easy to carry out and allows all and also all to correctly define a well defined look. Yes, with the wet-look hairstyle, you can have a strict look (straight hair, bun, tails horse, etc.), relaxed (naturally loose hair, curly, braided, etc.) rock, bohemian, and many more. The biggest advantage of this look is that it seems very timeless as it tends towards natural hairstyle.