The 5 faux pas of homemade cosmetics

If you are a fan of house cosmetics, it is strong you may have forgotten to follow a few minor rules. However, if you forget to consider these missteps, you are more likely to destroy yourself than to heal your skin.


The best thing to do when doing cosmetics house already consists of using only good quality raw materials. Then you have to use the right amounts for each ingredient. After that, the following 5 false steps should be avoided:

Get in the sun

When you put on a mask or anything natural on your skin, avoid getting in the sun during the pose. You may have thought that the sun can dry the mask more quickly! This will save you time, but it turns out that the sun can also degrade the nature of the product you put on your skin. Result, you will end up with some burns and stains! So it’s always best to stay indoors during the exposure time of a natural product that you put on your face.

Coconut oil on the face

Yes, coconut oil is a star in cosmetics House. We use it for our hair, nails, hands and feet, and also for the skin of our face. Coconut oil is indeed a very good oil. However, avoid using it on your face if you have skin sensitive to blackheads. In other words, if the skin on your face forms easily blackheads or acne pimples, avoid using oil coconut whether to remove make-up or to hydrate your skin.

Keep a product that contains water

You absolutely must not keep a cosmetic product which contains an aqueous element such as aloe vera, vegetable gel, or milk. These products easily become fertile ground for fungi and bacteria. Therefore, they should be used immediately after preparation. So avoid using a little too much product for one use.

Forgetting to cleanse the skin properly

Another thing, before you apply a product on the skin, you should always perform a thorough cleaning. To do this, use clear water and a bar of natural soap. Your skin must be free of sebum sweat, and also of dead cells before application. It is also for that it is preferable to proceed with an oil make-up removal and wash your face with natural soap before applying a product!

Neglecting disinfection

Last thing, you should always disinfect the utensils you use when making homemade cosmetics. In in addition, you should wash your hands as well before touching the product, whether during preparation or during application.