How to recycle your old newsprint?

You cannot spend a day without reading the newspaper. Yes, you’re one of those people who still likes the print media, and that’s a very good thing. However, it’s been a while since you’ve accumulated old newspapers in a cupboard that you should use for something else. So, know that you can very well reuse your old newsprint by recycling as follows:


Ephemeral pot for germinating seeds

You like to garden, and you always have this tendency to want to germinate a seed, or to start again from the roots of condiments. Yes plus you have newspaper lying around at home, that’s all benef. Yes, know that you can stack and then cut a double sheet of newspaper to form the base of an ephemeral jar. For the wall, simply wrap two sheets of newspaper around the base borders. Hold everything with staples, then incorporate the potting soil and plant the seed. You will not necessarily need to remove the ephemeral pot when planting; newsprint is biodegradable.

Thermal insulation in winter

This idea may seem funny, but it works! Yes, already know that newsprint is recycled to be transformed in cellulose wadding. So if you have newsprint at home and that you forgot to review your thermal insulation, protect yourself from cold using your old newsprint. If it’s very cool inside of the house, cover the windows of certain parts of your windows with winter time newspapers. You can also place some newspaper under your mattress to limit temperature loss when you sleep. Still with this in mind, you can also donate your old paper newspapers to a newspaper collection organization.

Gift wrapping

For a special occasion, you bought a small something to one of your loved ones. The problem is that you forgot to take a gift wrap. Heck, it’s not smart! However, do not don’t worry about the presentation of the gift. If you have newsprint at home, you can just use it to wrap the gift. You can even use a string to hold the whole thing. The smartest thing about this idea is that you make it look pretty ecological to your package!

Shopping bag

If you no longer want to use a plastic bag for do your shopping, just turn your old newsprint into a bag of races! Double the papers on the walls and triple them at the base and the border to reinforce the bag. Assemble your shopping bag in newspaper with staples and use strings for the handles. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it will also get rid of it intelligently of some old newspapers.