Why travel to unknown land?

Going on vacation or just going for a break is necessary. If you’ve spent two or three years saving for yourself offer a dream vacation, don’t go to New York, and forget about Italy. Certainly, these regions of the Earth have their incomparable charm, but too we often find them on TV or online!


Get the most out of your savings by offering yourself a trip in unknown land. If you are not adventurous, take the time to do so think about it by reading this brief.

Discovery and more discovery!

We all like to discover new things; our brain is made so that we learn new things every day from elsewhere. When we go to a country that we only know by name, and of which we have not necessarily common knowledge in terms of culture, we are managed on discovery mode along the stay. Believe it, this type of stay will good not only to your brain, but also to your whole being. That of more enjoyable than making cultural, culinary, environmental discoveries, and so on, vacation time?

Unlearn to learn better

We relearn to live and we draw the lines on habits which can harm us when we stay in a country with cultural colors and very different beliefs from ours. You don’t necessarily need to take a long spiritual journey to acquire new skills in this field. Just go to a country whose culture and beliefs totally different from your country to learn something else.

Some suggestions

So where to go exactly when you want to travel on land unknown? Here are some suggestions you may like:


Idyllic landscapes, temples whose architecture exceeds your urban understandings, nice people and welcoming nature, Cambodia is a must-see destination. Go to this country to totally change scenery and rest in a well-preserved environment.


We discover in Iceland nature in its most breathtaking state. Glaciers, waterfalls, lush greenery, volcano, etc. nature endowed this island of all the beauties that the earth can offer. If you are looking for a destination that will offer you peace, discovery, and serenity, do not miss Iceland.


Take a detour in Latin America and enjoy a rhythm of caliente life! We love this country for its cuisine and also for nature joyful of Guatemalans. If you speak Spanish and want a trip cheap and rich in discoveries, choose Guatemala.


India is the unknown land par excellence. Yes you have may have heard a lot about this country but it’s so big that it will make you discover the thousand and one wonders of the planet! If you plan to go there, don’t forget to bring a reusable bottle to drink water at all times; Indian food is very spicy!