Teen discovers ex-planet during NASA internship

We don’t all have the chance to do an internship at NASA. Those who can afford this one-of-a-kind experience therefore never deprive of opportunity. That’s exactly what Wolf Cukier did, a 17 year old American boy. This young man did his internship at the center of Maryland research and was working with the scientists who were studying, of course, exoplanets!


They were looking at data from a satellite

The interns of that summer were working on the data returned by the TESS satellite. It is a satellite that detects exoplanets in analyzing the brightness returned by their stars. In fact, exoplanets are very difficult to detect because they are hidden by the light of their stars. We must therefore wait until they partially overshadow their stars so that we can detect them. Also, these planets are found outside of the solar system and are naturally difficult to spot.

The discovery of Wolf Cukier

That day the young intern went to his post to the third time. He decided to focus his intention on a two-system stars. When he studied this part of “heaven”, he found an abnormality. In fact, he found an exoplanet!

Intrigued by his discovery, he called his supervisors. These have confirmed his doubts, Wolf has discovered an exoplanet which turns out to be even bigger than our planet. Scientists called the exoplanet YOU 1338.

Wolf for his part was totally bewildered by this beautiful discovery. He always used to watch the sky with his telescope, and now he discovered an exoplanet during his NASA internship! A real little guy!