We take out the big handbag for 2020

For 2020, the trend for handbags is moving towards large format. Yes, this year, the bigger the bag, the better. The tote bag actually grabbed attention at fashion shows that announced the colors of 2020. But still, this is nothing very new because the big handbag is a bit timeless as long as it is chosen in the right color and in the right materials. This year however, we still love it a little more.

With handles


In terms of large handbag, the models with handles are on the front of the stage. They accompany working girls, accessorize them evening wear, and still go well with outfit. If you have the habit of hanging your purse on your forearm or shoulder, the large bags with handles are for you.

A shoulder strap

Do you remember that big shoulder bag you wore in college, high school and also university for a while? If you do not could never go out without your oversized shoulder bag in the past, and that you are pretty nostalgic for the look it allowed you to have, you will be delighted.

This year, shoulder bags are back in force. They are large, have a large handle that makes transport difficult, and have still looking good! However, to avoid any lack of taste choose the material of your shoulder bag well. The best would be always go for leather if you want a mat bag; to the both classy and relaxed.

With external pockets

The big trendy bags have several external pockets this year. We are always in the trend of utility accessories. The good news is that this type of bag allows you to carry your small accessories safely.

You can even slide your gourd there and no longer fear leaks if you always transport leaked juice or vegetables to work.