Converting household waste into compost

We produce household waste every day. When we peel and cut our fruits and vegetables, we accumulate even more household waste. When we throw away our paper shopping bags, we help also when filling the household waste bin. It’s high time to use all in our favor.

Composting the Kitchen Waste

Reasons to do it

Turning household garbage into compost is the best way to make the most of the money we invested in buying our food! Be aware that if you have compost, you will be able to start making a small vegetable garden. So you will be able to grow your own food. While the harvest may not be year round, you will definitely save money in the pan. Thanks to the homemade compost, you won’t have to buy fertilizer and fertilizers in the garden center either… that’s all good!

How to do it ?

To make compost, you will need: a large bin, water and household garbage. It will only be necessary to incorporate biodegradable products with compost. This includes papers, branches and dead leaves. Now here are the steps to follow for composting:

Step 1

Put household and garden waste in Baccalaureat. You can put animal excrement except cats and dogs. If the compost tends to smell bad, ventilate the contents a little or add to it some twigs or dead leaves. You must place the bin in a place at room temperature.

2nd step

Moisten the contents of the container every morning. You must keep the compost moist to allow proper decomposition of the elements that compose it. However, do not drown the compost, it will destroy the microorganisms which should contribute to the fertilization of your soil or potting soil.

Stage 3

Once every week, you must return the compost to aerate it. The compost must indeed be supplied with oxygen. Moreover, it’s oxygen carries the nutrients into the cells of a plant.

And after that…

When you have your compost, you can use it to fertilize your garden soil. It will be used to feed your plants as well ornamental than your edible plants. So use it to redo your potting soil whenever necessary.

If you manage to make compost all year round, you will never have a problem with growing your plants again. Also, you will cleverly dispose of your household waste ! You win twice!