Mike Horn he found the most beautiful Christmas gifts in the Arctic

He has been a recognized extreme athlete since 1994. But still, he took a taste for extreme adventures since his 8 years, while he crossed 300 km by bike to reach his uncle. Mike Horn is an explorer, a great sportsman and a diploma in human movement sciences.


Since September 2019, he has gone on a snow hike with his Norwegian friend Borge Ousland. The two men are on the ice since September, and would still be there. Away from their family for Christmas, they have however found the most beautiful Christmas present in the snow.

Adventure in the Arctic

Mike Horn and Ousland left for a boat ride and skis to explore Antarctica since September 2019. The two men lived in snow and took steps to survive the extreme conditions of this parcel of land where it’s more than very cold!

For several months, Mike Horn and his teammate explored Antarctica to see if they could still find bears polar, and other threatened fauna. They deployed technological means, athletic and also physical during their stay.

After a few months, nature finally took over above and the two men were very weak. Luckily they finished by finding an icebreaker boat and took shelter there. Mike’s families and from Ousland were very concerned for both of them, even though everyone knows that they are extremely motivated when it comes to adventure.

He had the best gift after 100 days of waiting

On December 24, 2019, Mike Horn made an announcement about social media. He published a very nice photo and wrote that it made 100 days they were looking for a polar bear. After this waiting time long enough, and after surviving the worst, they were rewarded. Indeed, Mike and Ousland found their first polar bear and two cubs. This was the best Christmas present for the two adventurers. Although they were sad enough to have to spend Christmas away from their families they were happy to have seen polar bears with their own eyes. For us, this discovery is part of the book of small victories of nature over ravages of climate change. Hopefully the polar bear population may increase even more in the coming years.