The best winter beauty tips

Winter is a season that subjects our bodies to a few inconvenience. These are notably our skin, our hair, our lips, our hands and feet, as well as our nails which suffer the consequences of the cold season . Fortunately, it is always possible to remedy the beauty concerns caused by the cold such than skin dryness. If you have not yet made your arrangements opposite these 5 tips will help you live peacefully the rest of winter and the next winters!


Small tea bags to relieve chapped lips

Having chapped lips even when wearing balm lips in winter is common. Not only does it hurt, but it’s also unpleasant. So, after each winter walk, to relieve and repair your chapped lips, start by brewing your favorite tea or infusion. Then, let the small used tea bag cool down, and then apply it to your chapped lips. The tannin in the tea goes repair and relieve your lips.

Oatmeal bath to avoid dry skin

Oatmeal contains a very good moisturizer which will protect your skin in winter. If you no longer want to have brands of dryness on your skin after drying in winter, so take a bath oatmeal three times a week. To do this, simply run a hot bath and stir in four handfuls of oatmeal. Let sit for 10 minutes and take your bath.

Hydrate your skin immediately after showering or bathing

So that your skin can retain moisturizers contained in your moisturizing lotion or oil, this is what you should do after a shower or a bath:

  • Mop your skin and not completely dry it;
  • Apply the moisturizer to the skin slightly moist.

Protect your hair from the cold with coconut oil

Coconut oil is a virtuous oil. It also protects skin as well as face and nails. However, some skin types do not not tolerate it. Indeed, it is avoid when you have acne or oily skin . However, whatever type of your hair you can use a thin film of coconut oil for the protect from the cold in winter.

Avoid exfoliation and opt for peeling

Exfoliation is a very important ritual that we must give our skin two to three times a month. However, in winter, it is not not the best of beauty rituals. Indeed, the scrub can strip skin already dry from the cold in winter. So, instead of erasing your skin in winter, make sure you remove your makeup properly every evening, and peel every 15 days.