Reuse or recycle some common items before throwing them away

We sometimes have the annoying habit of throwing systematically items that we no longer use. However, some of these items are always reusable or recyclable. The goal is not to build up, but preserve the environment. Also, it is about consume the products we buy in a smarter way! So, what common items can we recycle or reuse?


Storage nets

Fruits and vegetables from supermarkets are the most often packaged in storage queues. These nets must not be systematically discarded because they can serve us in various activities. Indeed, it is possible to reuse them to scour the pots and room surfaces. To do this, simply form a ball with several nets! You can also use these storage nets to store and classify your spices and dry condiments such as garlic cloves, dried parsley, etc.

Water bottles

You have probably already seen several tutorial videos on recycling of water bottles. Do not hesitate to implement these tutorials so that you no longer have to throw away your water bottles when they may still be profitable for you. You can for example use your empty water bottles to germinate the first plants in your garden vegetable garden.

Aluminum delivery trays

Aluminum trays used by restaurants to deliver your food are not always to be thrown away! Eh yes, wash them thoroughly and reuse them later to classify them foods you should store in the refrigerator. This does not allow you only to avoid accumulation of waste, but also allows you to avoid throw away leftover food that you could always eat more later. Not only is it more economical, it is also more environmentally friendly the environment and human ethics.

Leftover soap

When your toilet or household soaps arrive at the end of life, don’t throw them out. Instead, incorporate them into a bottle by glass or plastic, depending on your preference. When you have accumulated soap to two-thirds of the bottle, fill the vacuum with water. Leave them leftover soap melt, you could use it later to scrub the floor and the tiled surfaces of your home.

Old clothes

For old clothes, the best thing to do is always give them to those who need them most. However, if you do not have no lead on this possibility, know that you can transform them for a second use. You can for example use your old clothes to make a berth for your pets, to make a cover of car in patchwork, shoe or underwear bags, etc.