The 5 films that hit the box office this year

This year 2019, the film industry has been very prolific. We have seen all colors in all categories! Adults and children have had their share, even if all these films have not always pleased. However, the year 2019 was marked by the distribution of films most anticipated in recent years. If you haven’t had time to see the best films of this year, you can already program an evening of cinema, first of all taking an interest in films that hit the headlines at the box office. Besides, we will now see the 5 films that have had the most success this year.


Avengers: Final Round

Avengers: Finale Phase won 2.79 billion dollars at the box office. It has been seen and reviewed by fans of the genre. Well yes, this is the last chapter of the saga, and everyone who followed the story from the start did not want to miss it. According to industry specialists art, Avengers: Endgame is currently the most profitable film never realized. He was particularly successful thanks to his premiere which was more that pleased the spectators.

The Lion King

With 1.65 billion dollars at the counter, the Lion King second place in our ranking. This adaptation to the cinema of drawing Disney’s popular anime has had worldwide success. Besides, spectators admitted to having been dazzled by the 3D adaptation of each character. No one at first would have believed that the rehabilitation of this cartoon released in 1994 would be as much fun to see as the original.

Spider-Man: Away from His Own

He’s one of the most loved superheroes of all time. To believe that at the very beginning, those to whom Stanley had proposed Spiderman had not fully trust the hero’s abilities! There, Spiderman has hit again and brought in $ 1.13 billion at the box office world. Stanley did well to have invented this character who continues to us make dream.

Captain Marvel

In fourth place, we have heroes again. So Captain Marvel came to this place with $ 1.12 billion at the global box office. This film which was perceived from a feminist point of view by a few fans wreaked havoc on the movie market. Indeed, this was the first Marvel film that put a female character at the front of the scene. In all cases, its success has been global.

Toy story 4

The first Toy Story was released 24 years ago! This year, the last chapter of the Saga was received as it should be in all cinemas. Besides, Toy Story 4 reported 1.07 billion dollars. It was a real triumph for Woody the cowboy and his friends.