Christmas plan: Play Station 4

Christmas is here and you only have one thing in mind: find the best gifts to offer or why not afford. This year, those who are desperate for the best in the category of video games should seize this golden opportunity. What opportunity would you say? So, do you remember the devastation that the PS4 did during Black Friday? Yes, of course, you remember, but you missed your chance! Alas! Well, nothing is lost, for Christmas, you will still be able to buy your PS4. You can also please your other half totally bitten of home consoles and offer him a PS4 Slim. Yes, this is the best idea of this year.


Prices fall on Amazon

The price of PS4 drops on Amazon. It did not really fall to to tell the truth. Well, if, but not as we would have imagined. Well, the price of the PS4 is realigned again at the rate proposed during Black Friday. So if this console is normally offered at 299 € in its Slim 500 GB version on Amazon, now you can have it at only 189 €. But still, if the PS4 Pro 1TB has to cost 399 €, still on Amazon, this once, you can have it at only 289 €. Here you are informed and you are certainly very happy now.

Will it become the world’s first-selling console?

This marketing challenge of the PS4 could perhaps place it on the forefront of the world’s best-selling home consoles. So, currently, Sony has sold nearly 102.8 million PS4 worldwide, against 155 million for the PS2. According to estimates, the PS4 could soon exceed the sales record for home consoles. However, we do not know again what will result from the Christmas promo.

We also expect the PS5

For next year, Sony already promises its PS5. The console is currently under development, and according to Sony, it promises to be better than his ancestors and his competitors. At the same time, we today we are facing the craze of gamers for streaming games. So, we do not really know if the PS5 will be able to compete with the news trends or not. In any case, she may be in your living room to the end of next year … so without a year!