Stay warm without always turning on the radiator in winter

Winter is here, and we have not all necessarily managed to renovate the insulation of our homes. Well, nobody likes to be cold, even if the first thing to do to resist the cold is to enjoy it. Yes this is not a joke, you become more resistant to cold when you take time to savor the sensation of cold.


But here we are not all ready for this experience, as tempting as it is. So, how to stay warm in winter, without always turning on the radiator?

Store the heat of the sun in the day

The first thing to do is to store the heat of the sun during the day. So keep your windows and doors closed, but leave the curtains and shutters open. The goal here is to store the heat of solar radiation from morning until the end of the afternoon . Indeed, it has been proven that the natural heat of the sun can be easily stored in a room when it is well caulked. So, at the same time, be sure to use some tactics to plug the gaps in the openings of the house. However, air each room anyway, one by one for 10 minutes when the sun is at its height.

Invest in thick curtains

So that you can stay warm during harsh winter nights, be sure to trim your curtained doors and windows thick. These sections of fabric that serve as ornaments as sun visor also play an insulating role in winter.

Place thick carpets on the floor

Thick carpets are ideals in winter. They limit Feet cold sensations, and it’s nice! So, place some thick carpets in the rooms of the house that you frequent the most during of winter. Once the cold season is over, you can dust off, wash and store your winter carpets. This will allow you to have them all beautiful, and all clean for the next winter.

Laying insulating wallpaper

The insulating wallpaper is also a very good idea. However, this is a real good investment if you had previously thought to redo the decor of your home. In all cases, it is not very expensive, and very well to limit heat loss in winter. By asking a few you will already save a few cents on your electricity bill.

The nice little things old fashioned

To stay warm in winter while creepy, you can also adopt the cool little tactics that your grandparents used, to know :

  • Light candles in the evening. Use scented candles with a velvety aroma for even more fun;
  • Take a hot water bottle ;
  • Drink an infusion of ginger ;
  • Cooking to spread the heat in the house;
  • Just put on warm clothes and winter slippers !